Everyone loves pizza. And pizza has a knack for bringing something little extra to the table in subtle ways. Although it holds nothing more than the amazing preps and quality ingredients, pizza is made and served in the conventional way only. But still everyone loves it, here is why.

  1. It uses the freshest ingredients ever

Good quality ingredients make a good pizza is perhaps the most obvious thing to ever come across. But know that the fresher the ingredients are, the better the pie is. This encompasses the sauces as well, but when it comes to the tomatoes, even the most famous pizza places use the quality ones. Fresh ingredients are a must when it comes to using the cheese or the veggies or the spices or the meat.

  1. Variety of sauces

When you serve a sauceless pizza, it is more like serving a fancy breadstick. Majority of pizzas use tomato and marinara based sauces. You also factor smooth consistency where notes of tomato, oregano, onion and garlic are present. You can also use basil along with other Italian seasonings. All you need to do is maintain a balance between acidity and sweetness to harmonize it with cheese and toppings. You can choose from a range of sauces as well like pesto sauce, BBQ sauce, garlic and onion sauce, chimichurri sauce, and ricotta sauce. Nowadays, Thai red curry is also used with chicken or an Indian curry variant. No matter what sauce you use, it has to be used as a base.

  1. Perfect crust

For many crusts matter the most when it comes to making a perfect pizza. It literally forms a base of a pizza and gives the ingredients a purpose. Thin crusts are great when working with or hot heat of coal or Italian brick oven pizza. Other factors like low or high hydration, less or more gluten, protein enrichment, time to ferment etc. are also considered. The dough can be formed with a simple knead job or a 48 hour labor. No matter what pizza you are dealing with, crust matters from the first place itself.

  1. Perfect amount of cheese too

Cheese is considered the most preferred ingredient for a topping. The amount used depends on your personal preference and the type of cheese you want. You can use mozzarella if your pizza style allows it or blend in different cheeses for the best melting experience.