All that matters here is how many frozen pizzas do you have in your fridge right now. But, no matter how tasty they are, it comes bearing many problems, and we have left no stone unturned to list some creative pizza hacks to solve these problems in no time. Thank us later.

  1. Install a pizza topping bar

When it is a family pizza night, purchase a cheese pizza and let people add whatever they want to as topping to enhance their slice. Here is a bonus tip for you: you can add a little extra mozzarella and parmesan on top as it will melt when the pizza will be cooked and help the extra ingredients stay where they should be.

  1. Serve it by the slice

You can use a sharp chef’s knife to cut the wicked frozen pizza before you bake. When it is too frozen, let it sit when preheating the oven. When you don’t want to cook the entire pizza, seal the uncooked part in a freezer safe bag and put it back in the box. Here is a bonus tip for you: this process also keeps the inevitable saucy mess at bay that leads due to slicing a cooked pizza on a cutting board.

  1. Make the pizza Mexican

You can transform a cheese pizza into a taco or Mexican pizza with your favorite Mexican topping. It is an amazing way to make the most of the leftovers from taco Tuesday. You can add seasoned taco meat, chorizo or black beans if you are making a vegetarian pizza, black/ green olives, jalapenos, chipotles or green chili. For keeping the toppings on, you can sprinkle Mexican style cheese then bake it. After you take it out from the oven, slice it and serve it by topping it with lettuce, tomatoes and crumbled corn chips. Also, don’t forget to add salsa, sour cream, and guacamole.

  1. Make the crust look fancy

Before you bake a pizza, you can brush the crust with melted garlic butter or olive oil. You can also sprinkle some Italian seasoning with some sesame seeds or everything spice.

  1. Make the crust crispier

Every frozen pizza package comes bearing instruction on directly baking on the rack for making the crust crispier. But it is nearly impossible to get the pizza out of the oven without getting your hand burned. Instead, buy cheap pizza screens or pizza stones or put in on a regular pan and bring down the baking temperature around 25 degrees F and cook it for longer.