If you are going to Tuscany, we are here to suggest you about the top five dishes you need to taste there. Whether you are planning to go on a solo trip or with your entire family, the food is one of the things that matters the most because this location is known for food (and wine as well). If you are going through a travel agency, the guide might give you all the information about what you need to try in this location. However, if you have only a little bit of idea about the same, here is the list of the top five dishes you have got to try during food tour Tuscany:

  • The awesome Lampredotto sandwich: Going somewhere? Want to grab a sandwich? Here is the thing you need to have today! Lampredotto is a cow’s fourth stomach and it is cooked in a broth. Then, it is served with Salsa Verde. It tastes amazing with spicy sauce as well.
  • The tasty Panzanella: Red onions, olive oil, vinegar, tomatoes, and salt are the ingredients that are used to create this bread salad. It is a delicacy that becomes a favorite to all the salad lovers out there. While the word pane means bread, the word zanella means bowl. This dish is a bowl of bread salad!
  • The greatest Ribollita: If you are a soup lover, you have got to order this amazing thing at any restaurant you visit in Tuscany. It is made up of cabbage, onions, beans and carrots. If you are a victim of cold and cough, this soup has the power to soothe your throat and nose.
  • The hot Pappa al Pomodoro: This is an excellent soup that is meant to be consumed by those who like tomatoes, garlic and basil leaves. This cutie comes with Tuscan bread, which is another popular thing of this location. It is something you must not miss at all.
  • The cool Castagnaccio: If you don’t want to think of anything spicy and hot, it is time for you to try the chestnut flour cake! This beauty is very common to people here, because they love eating it whenever they want to spend a holiday with their loved ones or welcome someone for food at home. It is a must try for those who have a sweet tooth.