Certainly, eating fresh is healthy and many people pay heed to this mantra for healthy eating. Also, when it comes to freezing, it brings us visuals of ice encased foods where you are lured into the myths that these fruits lack nutritional value and taste. Know that they are deemed myths for a reason. We have listed some of the most common frozen fruits myths below and debunked them with some truths to make you believe that frozen fruits aren’t bad as they seem to be.

  1. Not as nutritious as fresh fruit

This is an utter myth. In the year 1998, FDA confirmed that these frozen fruits bear the same nutrients and benefits as the fresh ones. Quick frozen fruits like frozen berries from naturestouchfrozenfoods.com are actually healthier than the fresher ones. They tend to bear nutritional value for a longer time. With the individually quick frozen method or IQF, fruits can be frozen when they are the freshest. The nutritional value of the fruit doesn’t deteriorate during the elongated periods of storage. The taste as well as the nutrition of the fruit gets locked for a period when it is frozen. A huge thanks to technology!

  1. They are just globs of ice

Nope, not true! With the IQF, sensitive foods like berries are preserved quite well. Berries tend to retain their shape and texture via the quick freezing method. They never glob together as ice balls. The quality of these fruits also tend to be retained for 2 years. In other words, you won’t be striving when it comes to handling them.

  1. They are too messy to be used in meals

No, absolutely not! When preparing something frosty and nutritious like smoothies, nothing holds a candle to the IQF fruit. You will not find any hardships in using them up in dishes.

  1. They are not of premium quality

An utter myth! The most famous frozen fruit brands freeze premium fruits to bestow you with an amazing product consistently.

  1. They contain additives

Not true! Frozen fruits are just plain as long as the label of the pack signifies otherwise. Frozen fruits like blueberries contain only a single ingredient, the fruit itself. There are no traces or even presence of any syrups or additives added.

  1. They are expensive

Not true! Frozen fruits are available at an amazing value when it is compared to the seasonal pricing of the same fruits. Purchasing in bulk packages renders things more economical.