For a lot of us, the go-to takeaway order is pizza. What can be more fulfilling and divine than a slice of gooey, cheese-loaded pizza? America loves pizza, and more than 90% of the population eats pizza, at least once every month. No wonder, there are literally countless number of pizza shops and eateries, some working around the clock. If you are already hungry and looking for delivery near me, we recommend that you check these pizza facts first!

  • Most people in the US prefer pepperoni for topping over other options. Pepperoni, along with sausages, olives, mushrooms and onions, remains the most used option in toppings.

  • In the US, National Pizza Month is celebrated in October. It has been so since 1987!
  • Pizza is not always round in shape. In fact, every country has its own take on the classic. If Hawaiian pizza with pineapple seems like a bit too much, wait till you go to Iceland, where pineapple is replaced by bananas! It’s hard to beat the iconic ham and pineapple mix though, which is also why most pizzerias do have Hawaiian pizza on the menu.
  • If data from is any indicator, most people in the US prefer thin crust pizza over the thicker options or regular dough pizza crust. In many countries, stuffed crusts and cheesy crust pizzas are equally popular.
  • Internet can tell you funny things. For example, the first pizzeria in the US was in NYC and it opened way back 1985. We are talking of the store by Gennaro Lombardi.
  • Hawaiian pizza is not from Hawaii. Yes, you read it right. It was invented by Sam Panopoulos, who was from Greece and ran his pizzeria in Canada. The Hawaiian pizza dates back to 1962.

  • You will find the most expensive pizza in the world at Luis XIII in Salerno, Italy. Costing $12,000, the pizza is created at your home, and it includes caviar as one of the ingredients with bufala mozzarella cheese and lobster. Can’t be fancier for sure!

The first frozen pizza came to the market in 1962 and was sold by Tontino’s. Now that you know so much about your favorite food, go ahead and order from the nearest restaurant. The best part is you can always customize the pizza as you want, so try a few new toppings or create a pizza that defines your taste choices. Check inline for pizzerias near you!