Most people love sushi and even if you have been eating for a while, there might be some mysteries you were not told about. Some of these can be surprising but they can help you take your sushi experience to the next level. Here are some things you probably did not know about sushi:

Some Items in your Sushi are Not Raw

Sushi may not always have raw ingredients. The notion of it being raw comes from the dish being primarily cold. Contemporary sushi is available with a lot of cooked additions. Sushi masters perfect their creations to match the consistency that people today come to enjoy. That is why sushi today can include delicious ingredients like cooked shrimp, smoked salmon, steamed clams, and others.

Sushi is a Work of Art

The best sushi in Aspen is served in a way that is pleasing to both eyes and mouth. Chefs from various regions prepare sushi and arrange it on the plate based on their own styles. Sushi masters spend plenty of years learning and mastering the craft of sushi-making. Sushi art is focused on simplicity and natural beauty.

Sushi is Not Always Eaten Using Chopsticks

While most sushi is eaten using chopsticks, others are meant to be eaten with your fingers such as nigiri sushi. Sushi is a finger food and nobody will give you a mean look even if you chow down on it with your fingers. The sushi called Tamaki must be eaten with fingers as it has a long shape. Reputable sushi restaurants will offer customers a steaming hot towel to clean their hands.

When Eating Sushi, Put the Soy Sauce Down

A lot of sushi eaters dip the sushi rice in soy sauce. However, this is a mistake since the rice can soak up too much liquid which can overpower the entire roll. Sushi can be served on a wooden plate to keep the rice at the right consistency and adding any liquid can defeat the purpose of sushi preparation. You must eat sushi once it’s made to enjoy its flavor. Thus, dip the fish in soy sauce instead.

Sushi Should be Eaten Upside Down

Eating sushi upside down means your tongue touches the fish instead of the rice. Eating this way and dipping the fish into the soy sauce makes sure the rice does not soak up too much sauce. This way, you can enjoy each item in the roll almost equally instead of tasting something more overpowering than the other.